Swissvoice dedicated to Elderly

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Swissvoice Alarm Bracelet

Exclusive accessory for the smartphone Swissvoice C50
£35.31 incl. VAT

Protective case for Swissvoice C50

Swissvoice C50 Pouch
£26.47 incl. VAT

Swissvoice C50S

A unique concept of a simple to use smartphone with a comfort base station
£203.46 incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra 1110

Easy to use phone with 6 photo buttons
£35.31 incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra Doorbell 8155

Wireless intercom bell
£44.16 incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra Photo 8155

Additional DECT handset with 4 photo memories and charger
£44.16 incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra Ringer 8155

Wireless Ringtone Amplifier
£53.02 incl. VAT