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Communicating solutions for your specific needs

OKONECT offers a wide range of exclusive communication terminals and accessories dedicated to seniors and people with hearing and visual impairments as well as acoustics professionals. Designed to simplify your daily life, the products we offer combine listening comfort and easy to use. They integrate landline and mobile phones with enhanced audio features, as well as innovative modular equipment to meet your specific needs. Our products are compatible with most hearing aids.


Swissvoice C50S

A unique concept of a simple to use smartphone with a comfort base station
229.90€ incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra Photo 8155

Additional DECT handset with 4 photo memories and charger
49.90€ incl. VAT

Swissvoice Alarm Bracelet

Exclusive accessory for the smartphone Swissvoice C50
39.90€ incl. VAT

Swissvoice Xtra 1110

Easy to use phone with 6 photo buttons
39.90€ incl. VAT